Greenhill First Baptist Church
Wednesday, November 22, 2017
A place of Friends, Family, and Faith
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About Us

The First Baptist Church of Green Hill, Alabama, formerly Union Grove Missionary Baptist Church, was organized on Saturday before the second Sunday in May,1859, by ten people; nine with letters, and one by enrollment from the Old Baptist Church. They were constituted as church by Elders A. Askew and J.C. Richman following the Artices of Faith and Rules of Decorum.

The first building where the church worshipped was in the North Carolina community. About 1902, a new church was built near Richardson Creek. In 1921, the church moved to a new location near the Stutts Cemetery on Bridge Road. It was at this location that Sunday School was organized in May, 1924. A borrowed truck driven by Mr. Irvin Fowler was used to transport people in the Green Hill community to the church. ("When the truck didn't go, many folks didn't get to attend.")

In August 1942 the church built an arbor and voted to have revival at Green Hill because most of those attending the church lived in Green Hill and couldn't get transportation to the meeting at the present location. It was finally decided to raise money to build a new church in the Green Hill community and leave the Union Grove location. Land was purchased from Mr. James White for $150.00 and a new church was built. Meetings began in the new building in the summer of 1943.  In 1947, six classrooms were added onto the original structure. It was in 1947 that the church name was changed from from Union Grove Baptist Church to First Baptist Church of Green Hill.The first full time preacher to preach every Sunday was Brother Ralph Wilson.

In 1956, a home and 67/100 of an acre of adjoining land to the church property was purchased from Homer Green.  Brother Kyle Scates was the first full-time pastor to live in this pastorium.  In 1977 a new pastorium was built on this property.

In April,1961, an educational building was built. This building consisted of an assembly room, kitchen, and six classrooms. On December 28, 1978, the educational building burned and a new educational building and a gym were added and dedicated on November 18,1979.

In June 1966, a new auditorium was started. This new building occupies the same space as the old auditorium and incorporated the old classrooms. This stucture was completed in Novemeber 1967 and was formally dedicated on December 19, 1967.

The church is presently under the leadership of Bro. Gregg Woodard and offers a variety of programs designed to minister to all age groups.